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Dare to go where no....

...artwork has gone before!

“Dare to go where no artwork has gone before”.

At one time or another, has not every one of us been moved when looking up at the stars at night? Have we not each wondered where we and our planet earth, third rock from the sun, fit in the universe? Who can not admire that so many countries have worked together making the International Space Station truly an “International” success? Artwork is said to always be representative of its time period. This Artwork certainly represents a significant aspect of our age. We may realize how our moon really is earth’s “significant other” partner. We may wonder how earth itself can be merely a small planet set in a sea of stars. And thankfully, we may all find solace and hope in how world coopereation to get anything done is possible – as exemplified by our International Space Station. It is my hope that you may all enjoy pausing and reflecting on this Artwork..

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You can choose from 16 different pre-defined variations. We are sure one will fit your needs.

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All Gallery images can be reproduced in 3 sizes including 12 x 16, 24 x 32, 36 x 48.

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About Space Life Art


Dwight Darling - Space Life Art

Dwight Darling – Space Life Art

Dwight Darling is the inventor of a patented World Time Clock that is presently being marketed through National Geographic.  Space Life Art imagery evolved from this original concept of displaying the ENTIRE earth using the South Pole azimuthal projection.

Now these amazing images of the entire earth in Blue Marble coloring displayed in different space back round settings i.e. stars, moon and the International Space Station provide an intriguing appreciation for our magnificent planet earth in the vastness of unknown space.

Our hope is that these images will help us all appreciate even more one another and this fragile, beautiful planet we call HOME.


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